11 Types of Jobseekers: Which One Are You?

1. The spray and pray

Characteristics: A spammer, sends the same CV to every job advert that
seems remotely applicable to them, often multiple times a day.
Good points: By the law of averages, they may strike lucky.
Bad points: Due to their indiscriminate approach, they’re unlikely to win the
job they really want (assuming that they know what it is) and are highly
likely to be disappointed.
Improvement tactics: Applying for jobs isn’t like tossing coins into a
fountain and hoping one of them will bring you luck. Employers want to feel
special, and your CV should make them think that their job is the only one in
the world you’d really love to do. Even more importantly, you need to show
you could do it better than anyone else who applies, and an indiscriminate
approach won’t give you the chance to do that. So stop the mass emailing and
start to be more selective.