Why Advertising Matters?

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Just because you’ve decided to go into business for yourself doesn’t mean
clients will start knocking on your door. Advertising is essential for
franchises, territory sales, online sales and even freelancing. People simply have to know who you are and what you offer before they will take interest in your products or services. Hanging a sign out isn’t enough.

So, how can you get the buzz you need about your new home-based
business? These modes of advertising can help people get to know you and your business:

  1. Print

Depending on what you’ll be doing, print advertising can be a great
way to go. If you plan on selling products in a particular area, for
example, local newspapers can work wonders. Should you want to offer
your services as a virtual assistant to small businesses, trade magazines
might be able to give you a boost.

2. Online advertising

Pay-per-click and other search engine driven ads online can work
very well for getting online sales sites, freelancer names and more into
circulation on the Web. It can also be a very good idea to establish your
own site even for a highly localized business.

3. Free advertising

One of the best ways to get at least an initial boost is to enjoy the
benefits of free advertising. If you’re opening a franchise or territory
sales business in your community, send a press release to local media. If
you’re going into business online, consider blogging about your
experience or field to generate traffic to your web site. You can also
write guest columns for others, agree to be interviewed by an online
writer or issue Web-based press releases to tout who you are and what
you do.

4. Other forms of advertising

Television, direct mail, radio and other tools of advertising can work
well, depending on your budget and the type of business you’re going
in. Consider your options carefully, however, as these modes for getting
the word out might cost more than you want to pay as a startup.

Opening a business isn’t enough to ensure success. Once you’re ready to
go, your potential client base will need to know about you. Advertising is a must to drive traffic and business your way