Setting Up the Home Office Right

It doesn’t matter whether you intend to work freelance, go into sales, buy
into a franchise or telecommute for a full-time employer, you’re going to find having a home office is a very important consideration. Even if it’s just a closet with its own privacy door, having a retreat can be
very important for productivity levels and even sanity.

You’re likely to discover you don’t really have to spend a small fortune to
set up a home office right. Even on a relative shoestring budget, you can get the tools you need for just about any career field. The basics to consider include:

  1. A workstation

Even if you use two filing cabinets with a desktop stretched across
them, having a place to set other materials and spread out paperwork can be very smart.

2. Filing cabinet(s)

It is okay if these are part of the “desk” or stand on their own. Either
way, you’re going to need them to keep important files, such as client
information, purchase receipts for the business and so on.

3. A computer

This is the bread and butter for many home-based ventures. A reliable
computer with the right office programs can even help with a salesbased franchise. It’s also a good idea to have a high-speed Internet
connection. This is especially so if you plan on working as a virtual
freelancer or telecommuter.

4. A telephone

Having a telephone line dedicated to the business is a great idea.
While you might not want to do this at the start, consider at least putting
a phone in the office.

5. Printer/fax/scanner

To keep costs low, a combination unit can work very well.

6. A planner

You’re going to be juggling a lot. To keep up with it all, it is smart to
have a calendar or planner to help schedule your days.

7. Basic supplies

Don’t forget to stock up on other supplies you might need, like pens,
paper, record books, files, invoices, business cards and so on.
Setting up a home office is a very good idea for giving yourself the space
you need to get your work done. Even a very basic setup can help