Mastering Face-To-Face Interviewing

If you haven’t interviewed for a position before or it’s been a long time,
there are some tips that can help you put your best foot forward. To make sure you do the best you can in any interview situation:

  1. Dress the part

While it might not be necessary to wear a power suit and pumps for
every interview, dress neat, clean and professionally. First impressions
do matter.

2. Do your homework

Be ready to answer a variety of questions both job-related and
otherwise. Understand the position, the company and what your role
might be before going in the door. Also, it’s a good idea to prepare for
anything that might be thrown your way. Plan for a one-on-one
interview, but don’t lose your cool if it turns out to be a panel. Just
breathe and be yourself.

3. Make eye contact

This is essential for sending the right message to potential employers.
This can help you gain a reputation of being confident, competent and
honest all things employers look for even in at-home workers.

4. Have a home setup well under way

While you might not need a home office or a good computer setup
before you land a position, having plans in the works can give you the
edge of initiative you need.

5. Sell yourself

Don’t be afraid to bring your qualifications, experiences and strengths
to the forefront. Remember, an interview is really a sales situation.
Rather than a product or service, you will be trying to sell yourself.
Perform the task well and you will land the job.

6. Be honest

Don’t try to make yourself out to be more than you are. Be honest in
answering questions. If you don’t know something, admit it. Stress that
you are willing to and capable of learning anything that’s thrown your

7. Be realistic

Make sure you are at least reasonably qualified for a position. If the
job demands highly specialized skills and you don’t have them, it’s
probably unrealistic to go after the post.

Face-to-face interviews can be rather nerve wracking, but there are ways to ace them. The more prepared and relaxed you are, the better you will come across to potential employers. This can give you the edge you need to bump out the competition.