Getting Insurance

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If medical, dental and vision coverage are concerns, work at home moms
generally have options available to them. Making sure your family is covered should be, of course, a huge priority. These are the most common options open for at-home workers:

1. Relying on a significant other

If your spouse can get insurance at work to cover the whole family,
this can solve the problem entirely. There are some benefits to going this
route, too. While private insurance policies can be had and aren’t as
costly as many thinks, they tend to be rather limited in coverage.
Employer PPOs and HMOs will cover more and typically without

2. Private policies

Unless there are major preexisting conditions to contend with, it is
possible to buy HMO and PPO type private policies to cover the family.
Shop around carefully for coverage and the costs shouldn’t break the
bank. Do be aware of the limitations of each particular policy you look
at. Non-group policies do tend to have a lot of restrictions and “fine
print” that should be considered closely.

3. Group

If your new at-home venture will employ more than just you, it’s
possible you could qualify for group insurance coverage. This means
you’ll have access to the same type of coverage options an employer
would provide. The costs on this can vary greatly, but it can be worth
considering if you have workers and an entire family to cover.
Insurance is merely an obstacle that stands in the way of self-employment.

Explore your options closely and you should be able to find a solution that works. Do keep in mind that costs can vary greatly. It does pay to review all avenues and pick a final route that provides the best coverage for the lowest possible investment.