50 Best Work From Home Companies Hiring in 2019


6. Daily Transcription provides the following services: captioning, subtitling and transcription for many industries. The payment is $ 0.75 – $ 0.85 per audio minute for transcriptionists. Most of them earn around $ 10 paid hourly.

7. GMR Transcription offers editing, translation, proofreading and transcription services. The earning is between $10 -$ 25 paid hourly.

8. Rev looks for freelance captioners, translators and transcriptionists. The transcriptionists reported a payment between $0.36 -$0.65 per audio minute.

9. Scribie provides transcription services for business, health and various industries. The reported payment transcriptionists are paid: $5- $ 25 per audio hour.

Online Nursing Jobs:

10. Aetna looks for nurses to telework (work from home) in pre-certification, case management and as nurse consultants. An RN license is required for all candidates.

11. Humana looks for nurses (home-based) for concurrent review, inpatient case managers and case management. An RN license is required for all candidates.

12. UnitedHealth Group regularly looks for health coaches, clinical coordinators, call center RNs, clinical appeals nurses, quality improvement nurses, and review nurses.

Social Media:

13. 24 Seven is a recruiting agency that looks for and hires freelance digital, social media and marketing managers. The pay rate, hours and roles vary from client to client.

14. 99 Dollar Social looks for specialists in social media content. As an independent contractor, you will have the chance to set up and take on as many hours as you would like. The pay is offered per account, and it is reported that most contractors are paid between $12- $15 hourly.

15. Appen looks for social media evaluators to review social websites and report their findings on advertisements, search results, and news for relevancy purposes. These jobs are offered as part-time with a flexible schedule. Evaluators report earnings between $10-$14 paid hourly.

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