50 Best Work From Home Companies Hiring in 2019


Are you planning to start working from home? Great! Below we will provide you with a massive list of companies that offer work-from-home jobs. They are regularly hiring individuals for legitimate work-from-home jobs.

These work-from-home jobs are offered as independent contracting, full time or freelance jobs with benefits.

Internet Research Positions:

1. Cannabiz Media is hiring part-time, virtual researchers in order to fact-check, analyze and collect information about marijuana licenses. This job is open to both Canadian and US residents.

2. Appen Butler Hill is looking for search engine evaluators in order to give feedback and review of Internet search results. Both international and US residents are eligible to apply for this part-time opportunity. The pay rate is around $ 14 per hour.

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3. iSoftStone is looking for independent contractors to review search engine results in order to decide how relevant they are to the user inquiry. The hourly rate is around $12.

4. Wonder is looking for Internet researchers in order to analyze a list of topics to help explain competitive landscapes, collect data, understand market trends, etc. Researchers are paid an hourly rate between $ 10-$ 15 per project.

5. Lionbridge provides a wide range of work-from-home opportunities for Internet raters whose job is to review web search results. This position can be achieved remotely from any country. Evaluators can work up to twenty hours a week. They have an average pay of $ 13 paid hourly.

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