10 Proven Life Rules to become a successful and happy freelancer

1 – Organize yourself!

A friend repeats for years “everything is a question of organization”. And that’s true ! When I see how she manages her ultra-busy professional and private life I am always impressed. And she has time to do her sport, to see her friends and she does work of exceptional quality, always on time.

One of the secrets of optimal concentration is having an ultra-efficient organization.

Avoiding distraction is also probably the biggest challenge when working as a freelancer. Exercise each day to focus (FOCUS) on one task at a time. This requires discipline, but saves a lot of time and, with training, after a few months it will become a habit

2 – Listen to your body and mind

Being a freelancer means having the freedom to manage your time according to your biological rhythm and your private life. Put this advantage to good use!

Use your energy to work when it’s at the top!

The luxury of being able to manage your time makes it possible to regulate a rhythm of life which suits you and which will make it possible to be effective.

If you are an early riser, use this great energy for important files, if on the contrary your creativity is at its peak in the evening, shift your day.

Another secret is to set rules and apply them! (do not write mails at night before going to bed, check your message at fixed times – not easy! – exercise regularly, etc.). Applying the rules we have set is extremely good for self-esteem, very rewarding and liberating!

3 – Reward yourself!

  • When you have successfully fulfilled your commitments, reward yourself!
  • Avoid the frustration of striving, reaching out and not rewarding yourself.
  • Nothing is better for self-esteem than having made a commitment and completed your tasks to the end!

Reward and congratulate yourself.

It is also in this way that the motivation is maintained and that we remain enthusiastic! Give yourself a moment of happiness, a feast meal, a good coffee break, … After all, it’s also the benefits of being a freelancer, right?

No more boss to give us the dangling carrot (if he wants …), but the freedom to choose it and offer it to ourselves!

4 – Throw doubts …

.. who is trying to interfere with your thoughts?!

Well, we are all familiar with those little voices in our heads, those notorious “poisonous” doubts that affect self-confidence. When these doubts try to interfere with your thoughts: slam the door in their face! It is a waste of energy to give it importance.

Not sure about something or doubting yourself or the skills you need for a task? Train yourself! Inquire! The answers are at our door …

Do not waste time doubting yourself or trying to find out what others think!

(I’m not talking here about customer feedback and the importance of listening to them, but rather doubts about self-esteem!)

5 – Communicate clearly! You will have done half the work already.

To be effective on the projects of our customers, it is essential to have all the elements and information in hand.

Your customers must imperatively send you their needs and expectations clearly. Reformulate their requests to make sure you understand them correctly, give yourself the freedom to refuse a mandate if your intuition tells you or is out of your skills for the moment.

We neglect the time spent looking for information, trying to understand for ourselves some things for a mandate. Communication with your customers is essential to enable you to perform well.

6 – Do not forget to invest … in you!

You have to stay at the forefront in order to be successful. It means training and investing in the most important: oneself.

Train yourself, stir your curiosity!

You will be able to provide the best services to your customers. Your technical skills are an important aspect, but your interpersonal skills and your state of mind are also important!

Put yourself on the map, test new ways of approaching mandates, look at things from different perspectives!

And then … stay open to everything around you: your potential customers are everywhere!

7 – Be patient …

At times or in certain periods, one can have the feeling of being blocked, facing a wall … the impression that nothing advances.

As a freelancer, it will be difficult to know where to turn to get things moving, find a solution, or just to be reassured.

Sometimes it’s enough to do nothing. There is nothing wrong with staying passive, just to “let it flow”, not to force things.

Turn to another project, put the blocking folder in a corner and “let go”. Go out if necessary, do something else, leave your worries aside and forbid them for the moment to disturb your mind. Get away!

Opt for patience and acceptance of the situation, even if it seems a dead-end.

Often, when you resume the waiting task, you will overflow with energy, everything will be unlocked and the solution will seem obvious … so patience!

8 – Do not forget your social life!

Freelance work is synonymous with great solitude: more colleagues with whom to take coffee in the morning, no organized lunch break or drink after work …

Not to mention that working alone usually means being very often linked to the virtual world.

Do not forget the real world!

The good energy that comes from those around us, people with whom we feel good, is essential to be successful!

9 – Be a freelancer for a better quality of life .. and not the other way around!

Sports activities (excellent for self-confidence and stimulating creativity), cultural visits, trips, etc. are also essential to keep the energy and joy of life!

Sleep is also essential. Successfully disconnecting from work, especially in the evening is important.

Some tips, old, but are good to re-read and apply:

  • Do not have your workplace in the same room where you sleep;
  • Ventilate your room before going to sleep;
  • Sleeping troubles ? chamomile tea, lavender essential oil, self-massage, relaxing music, …
  • Go to sleep ideally 1x / week before 9.30pm;
  • Play sports (promotes good sleep);
  • Have fun, do what you love, laugh a lot, eat healthy … (and sometimes abuse good things!)
  • Avoid visiting your computer or mobile phone just before going to sleep, it disturbs sleep and does not calm the mind.

10 – Enjoy (or not) your freelance life!

Becoming a freelancer must be a choice in any case, with the risks and challenges involved, but also with all the positive aspects that this lifestyle brings!

It’s important to weigh the pros and cons before becoming a freelancer and not everybody wants the worries and stress