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13 Reasons to Teach English in China in 2023

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China is a country of epic numbers. There are 1.4 billion people inhabiting one of the world’s largest countries. It stretches from the Himalayas in the west to the tropics in the east. It ‘s steeped in tradition but you won’t find the Chinese people dwelling on that too long as it’s also one of the fastest growing countries. if that hasn’t persuaded you to come to China then let me give you some more reasons why you should come here to teach.

1. Teaching Opportunities


With this large number of people in the same country everybody’s striving to be the best which means people want to learn a new language whether it’s to get a new job or they want to implement it at a young age to their kids so they could be better in life that means there’s lots of opportunities available whether it’s different schools, universities, training centers.

All of these places are looking to hire foreign teachers which means there’s a lot of competition and competitive salaries; also lots of bonuses and welcome packages to lure you in.

That said, be warned once you get here as you might end up staying longer than you thought.

Also with lots of opportunities it means there’s space to grow and develop your career. You might come as an English teacher, but I know lots of people that have diversified into different roles since being here in China.

2. Cutest Kids


If you decide to come and teach in China then it’s probably going to be with kids. I’m a little bit biased as I live here but the kids in China of some of the cutest kids you will ever see. They get so excited to see their foreign teacher and they love learning and playing games with you.

Teaching is one of the most rewarding jobs that you can do. Making a difference in someone’s life by teaching them a skill is absolutely life-changing.

It’s also not just the kids in your school, but the kids on the street will also stop you and say hello and try and practice their English with you.

3. Money

As I mentioned before if you’re moving to China then you’re usually offered a generous welcome package, but that’s not all the wages are generally quite high in China and there’s also other benefits like housing or a housing allowance also bonuses throughout the year or a contract completion bonus. If you’re looking at a contract then try and get one of these included.

The cost of living in China is also generally quite cheap compared to other countries in the world. That might not be the case with a Beijing or Shanghai as the rent can be quite high in these places and also you spend a little bit, but the wage is also a little bit higher.

 If you were thinking about coming to China then I would probably recommend maybe a second-tier city, as it’s a great introduction to China. it’s not quite as westernized as Beijing or Shanghai, but there’s still lots of things to do and it’s also a lot cheaper.

4. Great way to save money

 China is a great place to save some money once you get over your first few months and you get settled in then you’ll find that you’re generally saving a little bit of your wage every month without even really trying.

Obviously if you’d go out every night and all you spend your money on is western food then you’re probably not gonna save that much but if you eat like a local, live like a local, and with rents pretty cheap especially in a second-tier city then you’ll generally come out with some money at the end of your wage packet.

After a year into a China then you’ll find that most people have enough money to maybe go traveling again, have a deposit for a house or they pay off a student loan which is a winner.

5. Travel around China and abroad


No doubt China is pretty far away from your home country and it borders 14 other countries, which means it’s the perfect place to travel from. China itself is also such a big and diverse country that there’s so many places to explore. It’s more of a case of: where do I start.

Also if you work for public or international school then chances are

you’ll get a winter and a summer break so you can spend it exploring exactly what Asia has to offer. This is important wherever you go.

6. Authentic Chinese food


If you like the Chinese takeaway down the road then let me tell you something; you haven’t even tasted real chinese food until you come to China.

China offers some of the most amazing interesting and varied food that I’ve ever come across. Some of it is quite normal and some of it you might perceive as outrageous. Each region has its own delicacies from the famous Peking Duck in the north to the spicy Szechuan food in the South

7. Cultural diversity


China is one of the most famed culinary countries in the world. It’s full of history culture and architecture. China has such an amazing history that it’s fascinating to come here and find out more about it. Its ancient temples also a first stark contrast to the NGO listening skyscrapers and high-end mega malls that are popping up all over the place, and it’s a constant reminder of just how diverse China is as a country.

8. Useful for CV

Some people think that if you leave the West to go traveling then you’ll never find a job when you return, but if you come to teach in China then this will boost your CV not harm it. Just think of all the experience that you will have gained if you come to teach: teaching experience, working with kids, working under pressure, living abroad, adapting to a new environment, honestly the list goes on.

 To a potential employer then this worldly experience is invaluable and if they can’t see that then it’s not the right job for you.

9. Opportunity to learn Mandarin

Moving to China will offer you the chance to completely immerse yourself in a new language. It gives you the best opportunity to live, learn and practice your chinese.

There are many different ways that you can do this. If you want to learn day by day then you can download a Chinese learning app; if you want to improve your skills then you can get a tutor or if you’re really serious then you can go to school to learn.

Mandarin is spoken by more native speakers of any other language in the world. Knowing this will give you the best opportunity in life.

10. Boost Your Instagram

If you’re big on social media then China will definitely up your Instagram Game. Just think of all those amazing shots that you can get, not just the popular ones like the Great Wall, but you will find all the cool hidden spots that China has to offer.

11. Meet New Friends


If you come in to teach in China then you’ll probably be placed in school with some more Westerners, which automatically means few friends. These friends are probably not even from the same country as you; they might be from all over the world, which is amazing.

And it’s not just Westerners that you’ll meet; obviously you’ll have lots of Chinese colleagues too and they will probably want to be your friends as well. There’s nothing better than going out with your Chinese colleagues and bonding aver some hot pot and KTV. These will also be invaluable people in your life, because they will help you be able to do the things that you just can’t get by on your limited Chinese.

12. Future Partner

I can’t guarantee that this will happen, but you could live in China and potentially meet your future partner. I mean China is such a huge country with such a massive population that the one could be here. This could be a fellow expat; you’ve both moved to a different country you like to travel, you’ve got a sense of adventure or this could even be a Chinese national. I know plenty of people that have moved to China and met their future partner.

13. Funny Stories


 I’m not gonna lie to you. Not every day is perfect here in China, but that does mean that you’ll probably come away with loads of funny stories: it might be a travel story, something one of you or your kids did, even something you ate.

Everything is really interesting here in China every day there is a story waiting to be told. China is filled with new experiences that you will never come across in other countries. If you’re wanting to experience something completely different in your life then China is the place for you.

Not every day in China is fun and games, but f you are a teacher then it kind of is.


If you’re moving to a country as big as China then thee are bound to be some challenges. That’s the same if you were moving anywhere new.

If you’ve not been here before then there might be a bit of a culture shock, but if you come with an open mind and a sense of adventure then you’ll get over these challenges and you’ll have an amazing time.

If this article hasn’t convinced you that moving to China to teach English will not only change your life but be one of the best experiences you’ve ever had then I don’t know what will. If it has convinced you leave me a comment below letting you know which point was most tempting for you.

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