JOB Opportunities for Unskilled Workers

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve never worked a day in your life or you’re going to leave a long-term post, there are opportunities out there that just about anyone can take advantage of. Working at home and being successful at it doesn’t mean you have to have a four-year degree, a ton of specialized skills or a bank full of money. What you do need is a good idea and the drive to pull it off.

There are a variety of opportunities for unskilled or slightly skilled
workers. Some of the options include such things as:

  1. Sales

There are a variety of sales-related businesses you can explore that
will enable you to base operations out of your home. Many companies
that rely on at home moms to sell their products will provide the training
you need to succeed. It’s also possible to buy into a franchise territory
for certain products. Just make sure you can get behind a product before
you try to jump into selling it. If you aren’t sold, clients won’t be either.

2. Online sales

Many an at-home mom has made a successful living selling items
through online storefronts or through virtual auction sites. Whether you
create items personally or do a lot of garage and estate sale purchasing,
this option is fairly easy to explore. It can pay off with a lucrative part or
full-time income, too.

3. Data entry

If you can use a computer and type with any degree of accuracy, you
will find a bevy of opportunities available for the skills you do have.
Even if you’re not the world’s greatest typist, there are ways to hone the
skill enough to make this freelance opportunity pay off. As more
companies outsource functions, such as data entry, many works at home
moms are finding this niche suits them perfectly.

4. Telemarketing

It is often possible to land freelance and even on-staff positions with
telemarketing firms that rely on at-home workers. This type of job won’t
require a highly specialized skill set. If you can talk on the phone
clearly, get your message across and be pleasant in the process, you
should be set.

5. Personal product/service development

Many works at home mothers stumble into their own niche based on
their own personal hobbies. Some businesses that are home based and
have sprung out of unique ideas or products include such things as
crafting, online sales, customized clothing production with online
storefronts, soap and candle making and more. The options are limited
only by imagination.

6. Personal assistants

Some work at home moms run errands for others, work in a virtual
setting to take the load off office staffers and more. The personal
assistant field can be very interesting to explore in either the local or
online arenas. The potential here is growing as more businesses
outsource and more employees fear taking time off to get personal
projects accomplished.

7. Childcare

In-home daycares are a popular choice for mothers who want their
children in homey, nurturing environments. This option can be an
excellent one for an in-home business. As a mother, you have many of
the skills already required for the job.

8. Writing

If you can string sentences together with ease, there are opportunities
available for freelance writers. While you may lack some of the skills
for certain jobs, there are projects out there that can be had by beginners.
Many blogging jobs, for example, require “everyday” people to do the
writing. This means only a good writing voice and basic skills will be

9. Online tutoring

You may need a degree or specialized training for this, but this field
does present some unique opportunities. Reaching out to tutor students
online can be an excellent way to earn a living and gain the benefits of
at-home work at the same time.

10. Customer service

Some companies are turning to virtual call centers to handle their
customer service. In many cases, these call centers will hire home-based
workers to handle shifts of incoming calls. While this type of job will
require set hours, it can still provide the scheduling flexibility parents
often require. Plus, some call centers might offer true full-time work
with benefits to telecommuters. This can be a bonus if you don’t want to
launch your own business to work at home.

11. Real estate

While short-term training and licensing are required for this field,
many who enter this arena find they are able to work at home much of
the time.

12. Transcription

For those who do have a knack for the keyboard, this can be an
incredible field to enter. With only a basic amount of training, standard
transcription jobs can be tackled at home. With a more in-depth course
of study, higher paying medical transcription contracts can be obtained,
as well.

The opportunities for working at home are virtually endless. With jobs that range from those that never require you to leave the house to those that might have you out and about making sales calls on your own schedule, your choices are not limited even if your basic skill set happens to be so.