50 Best Work From Home Companies Hiring in 2019

Technology Jobs:

16. Apple looks for advisors to work from home in order to provide technical support and customer service. The company offers training and many benefits, and also provides necessary technical equipment for the job.

17. Sitel looks for professionals with some work-at-home customer experience to provide customer service and technical support. The reported earnings are between $9-$12 paid hourly for these agents, and full-timers receive benefits and PTO.


18. Edgenuity looks for virtual teachers to offer instruction through phone, e-mail, virtual whiteboard systems, and chat. A state teaching certificate is required. Earnings reported by Edgenuity teachers ranges between $50,000 and $65,00 per year, plus enjoying an excellent benefits package.

19. iTutor looks for instructors working as virtual teachers, online tutors, and test prep instructors. Tutors and teachers have flexible hours and can set their own schedules. Reported earnings for tutors are around $25 paid hourly. No data available for teachers’ salaries.

20. K12 provides tuition-free and individualized online public schooling. It offers virtual teachers (grades K—12) a variety of job openings in different disciplines.


21. SDL searches for in-house and freelance translators to join global companies in different industries. Based on reported earnings on Glassdoor, translators’ salaries are between $ 53K – $ 59K.

22. Telelanguage searches for phone interpreters in more than 300 languages in order to work within the insurance, healthcare and legal industries. Telecommuters and call center reps earn around $ 10 – 21 paid hourly. Reported earnings for medical interpreters can reach $ 28 per hour, depending on area and language of specialty.

23. Welocalize has a mission to translate content and websites into local languages, working with international companies in different specialized industries. Reported earnings for contractors are between $ 23 – $ 43 paid per hour, depending on their language, availability, and area of specialty.

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